Sunday, October 2, 2011

A birthday weekend

It is amazing how fast birthdays come around and how the number creeps up! But as I read somewhere the good thing about birthdays is the more you have the longer you live!
I had some phone call/ text  birthday wishes from Celia (Virgin Islands) Tony (Perth) Jo Edgar (Konya Turkey) Andrew Lynne et al en route to see Tutankhamen Exhibition.
The Bath house entrance
On Saturday I decided rather than spend the day affected by the Grand Final (a thrilling game till the last quarter when Collingwood died, and Geelong swept away) I would do something indulgent and relaxing. So I went to the Japanese bathhouse and when I got there also booked  a Shiatsu massage. The bath was very relaxing and the massage just what I needed after 2 weeks of no energy
The Bath house is great with very attentive staff and good facilities. 2 hours at the Bath is $28. A good spend  Relaxing in the tatami room afterward, a woman near me stretched sighing 'This is the life"
Tatami Room
Sunday I slept and awoke 'early' having not realized it was the start of daylight saving.
My early waking (Spencer barking at the side gate banging in the wind)was not so early as it was after 8 not after 7. Good thing I realised earlier or I would have been VERY late for lunch.
I met Sue and Wendy at Fed Square along with a large proportion of Victoria's Seniors as it is the start of Seniors' month. An appropriate day I guess with we maturing women.
We had lunch at Chocolate Buddha a Japanese restaurant that Wendy &  Sue had not been to before and we had  a good meal of Bento and Prawn Tempura.
Not our meal but a dish of Theirs
After that we went to have a browse through the Australian Collection and Man Style exhibition at The Ian Potter Gallery of the NGV

Fred Williams. A retrospective is at NG IN Canberra

Came home to do some more clearing of the kitchen for preparation for the new kitchen going in on Wednesday.
Then I rested ! Again!

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