Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dylan is One!

Sculpture in the garden
I rested up Sunday Morning so I had the energy to go to Dylan's 1st birthday party. It was from 11-1pm in a Park in Balwyn and when I arrived at 11am there was a crowd already.
Mainly adults including Cresten, Bridie's mum who I had not seen for a while, and Sean's family and Dylan's cousins etc.
It was a glorious day sunny 21 degrees and very relaxing sitting or standing round under the trees.
Bridie, Sean and Dylan
Happy Chappy!
His cake made by a friend of Bridie's
Bridie said Dylan had had an early sleep so was in a fine form,and much admired by all, a credit to his parent! 
We saw his recent skill of walking 5 steps, a feat on the uneven ground.
Nick & Dylan trying the walk!
The gifts!
His haul of presents looked impressive with lots of new stuff to try out.
Andrew & Lynne with Nick & Kate
All in all a lovely few hours. I got home and slept for 4 hours, so need a bit more time before working all day again!

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