Friday, September 23, 2011

Laid so low

I take inordinate (read, smug) pride in not getting winter colds.
I think my years of exposure as  a student nurse at the  Royal Children's Hospital built my immunity.
In those days I had a cold every 2nd week! Now I get one every 3-4 years.
But WOW!! I have been ill (but feeling poorly Tues Wed last week) since last Thursday. On the mend Sunday morning, At deaths door on Monday (NEVER felt so bad in all my life) slowly improving and all ready to do things yesterday. Any outings have lasted 2 hours at the most then back to bed with aches, and now an asthma cough that is strangely exhausting.
I still have a few days to recover before work on Monday and hopefully energetic for Dylan's 1st Birthday on Sunday
I think a photo of him is better than a one of me in my paltry state

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