Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Demolition

Amazing how fast workmen can get something done! He arrived at 7:15 am and was starting as I left for work. I managed to cope at work till about 2pm but have come home to rest up.
The demolished kitchen is all out the front as they have more staff to cart away after the installation so they take it all at once.
The old stuff. Rescued a sushi plate I had missed in the cupboard!
They have delivered the bits to be installed so that is cuttering up the place.

There are always a few surprises when one pulls stuff out. (When we had the stumps done they found all of the old lathe and plaster from the lounge under the house!)
This time there are no floor boards under the sink! No wonder we had mice getting in!
The floor under the sink
 Also the cork tiles before the new Lino we had were not original, as under the cabinets is some old lino. 
the old lino

New plaster wall, hole in floor and taps in wall
 Only glitch that I rang them about, is that the taps are still in the old spot, and it is to be a mixer tap coming from the sink not the wall. Maybe the plumber has not been here yet and that is just the carpenter's work.
A lovely surprise is that they replaced the window sill (was told probably not possible as it is the window frame)
They haven't removed the ceiling fan yet, but I notice they have kept some boards to replace on the ceiling when it goes.
All the new power points are in and I didn't get a call about needing a new power board. But I will be around tomorrow so can get the (good) news then.

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Celia said...

Great news about the window sill!
Gosh it all looks big!
Love following the progress of it all.
Thanks for posting and for doing all the hard yards

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