Saturday, May 14, 2011


I had booked months ago to see the Walking with Dinosaurs Spectacular and to take Nick and Kate. They are probably at the edge of the upper age limit but they were happy to come with me!
It was well worth it and from their point of view the actual animatronics alone was worth it.  The younger kids must have been a bit nervous as they were so lifelike!!

This bird (covered in fur) name I forgot was a highlight
The bird was flying along suspened on wires, and the screen at it's back showed it soaring over the land, cliffs  the sea then during a storm  and back to land again The view on the screen was what those directly in front would have seen.
Creepy Raptors
I was really informative about the development of the earth and the forces driving it and how that influenced the  dinosaurs themselves.
The highlight was the appearance of Tyrannosaurus Rex Scared the screams out of the kids sitting in front rows!

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