Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yacht Club Prsesentation Night

We had our annual Friday night get-togetehr to arrange the art creations developed under Di Leighfield's direction. We spent Friday night threading the toys, and hanging them from the netting, a traditional set up.
Getting the net up was a joint effort
The theme this year was beach party and people were to wear a beach hat (I didn't).
The Centre Piece
Decorations were cheap and cheerful beach toys in bold colours – a little kitsch but bright and happy. So bright that some of the tables enjoyed small bonfires when candles went a bit feral.

The Table Centre pieces were a great design by Di and in a beach theme the trophies were beach towels They were labeled with fabric printed from the computer. I gather you can buy sheets of 'paper' that peel off when printed. A bad year not to win a prize!
The labeled towels
Ewan's winning design
Cliff's creation
The winning beach hat was all from the $2 shop but Cliff's (not my future sailing Cliff) won an honorable mention!
The candles in the drive looked great as we walked in!

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