Thursday, March 17, 2011

Speigel Tent

 one of the highlights of Summer in Melbourne is the Speigel tent erected in front of the Art Centre.  Lots of varied events music comedy cabaret, dance  and circus. It it's always hard to know what will be good, but one can always book a lemon (from one's personal taste point of view.)
Entrance to Speigel tent
I chose one called  Wildbirds & Peace Drums. Sweden’s mesmerizing Wildbirds & Peace drums make their debut trip to Melbourne.  Mariam Wallentin  and her husband Andreas Werliin  With an almost unclassifiable sound, the duo draw on blues, jazz, folk and soul music traditions to create powerful raw pop, crafted largely from drums and vocals. 
Inside the Tent
I should have read it more closely as the phrase "largely from drums" meant that there was a LOT of drum solos. My pet hate along with guitar riffs. So I hope my next choice is better.
Dick and Christa Hughes present 21st Century Blues Jazz, Blues, Cabaret, Boogie Woogie and Vaudeville. Join legendary jazz pianist Dick Hughes and his infamous singing daughter Christa (MGF, Circus Oz, La Clique) as they present songs from their 2010 ARIA nominated album, 21st Century Blues
But outside the tent was the tram (see blog Jan 25th) all set up as a bar Looking very festive and a tourist attraction Not sure if it will stay.
I was intrigued with a discussion Celia and I had had about how the development on the Maribyrnong River was coping with the floods. So I drove up to the area behind the Aldi store built on the old munitions site in Gordon Street. The views there showed the reclaimed area was not flooded so maybe the ponds, sorry lakes as part of the development is designed to cope with the floods.

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