Friday, March 18, 2011

Ethnic Dinner

It is amazing to realize how long we have been doing this group dinner but we developed the idea of eating at a different restaurant and became known as ethnic dinner. It is even written in the dairy as Ethnic Betty (or whomsoever turn it is)   It has been at least since 1982, but maybe longer.
I am not sure how it started but a group of 6 friends meet every 6 weeks (more or less depending on our ability to find a mutually convenient night, fitting in football, Bowls, theatre and music bookings we all have ) We take it in turns to book and arrange the next dinner at the end of each evening. The person responsible gives us an address a few days before the date.
We have a mnemonic to remember whose turn is next.
"C me get a BSc." Celia, Mich  Elaine Betty, Sue, Carolynn. This had to change when Celia went to USA and Wendy comes now so she is Celia's C.

Originally it was easy to find a different ethnic meal to explore. Melbourne is renowned for it restaurants and we have gone through every conceivable cuisine We had a fresh surge as each new migrant group arrives. We have covered A-Z including African  Argentinian all possible Asian and also their types of cuisine as well, Australian ( a pub meal) , Burmese, Cajun, Chinese (A standout was Li Li's Food of the Chinese Imperial Court FANTASTIC!)  Ethiopian, French Greek Hungarian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolain, Nepalese, Portuguese, Russian (memorable in the annals because of the magician!) Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, maybe not Yum Cha.And many others of teh alphabet.
When in a struggle for a choice we choose a variety of a cuisine type.
Beautiful Chairs at Quan Jude
Over the years I had not realised how bossy I am. I can't stand everyone musing over this and that, diverted by a question leading to a lengthy conversation, the waiter returning 2-3 times,  etc. So I would break in and say why don't we have  or order... Well in the last 2-3 years everyone just says "what are we having Mich" When waiter arrives with the menu they just make sure I have one and leave theirs on the table.
Now I do seek input, and I leave the wine order to Sue & Wendy but one evening I said I was not going to do it. Three or  four times I had to bite my tongue as my question/suggestion was dying to get out, So since then I have given up and order for us all.
On Queen St
The most  recent one was Quan Jude a Chinese restaurant that specializes in Peking Duck. 
A very successful evening.
Gone are the days when dinner cost us $20!!

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