Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anglesea: Labour Day weekend

Andrew and family were down at Aireys for the weekend as he & Nick  were sailing in the Hobie State Titles at Anglesea.
Sunday Sailing is the boat in middle with green jib and top of sail
I decided to go down for the day on Sunday and see what was happening. They had had only one race on Saturday as the wind was so light.
When I arrived they were just floating around in 4-5 knots, but as they started the breeze picked up and they started moving along At one point I got a photo as they were in 5th place. 
I could walk out to end of the point
Spotted some seals who seemed to be fishing
Even when you are interested, sailing is not really a spectator sport esp when you need binoculars to see the activity.
Digging for ??
It was a beautiful day 28 degrees and sunny, and lots of people were taking advantage of the end of the summer weather. So I took some photos of the activity.
What a good sister!
Troops heading back
Lots of sun protection tents
Boat trailers. All in a bush setting.

So after a while i left and went on to Aireys Inlet to Lynne & Kate.I had lunch with Lynne and Kate, and Kate made me a coffee on the new coffee machine  which uses pods of coffee. Easy to use and a good coffee.

Kate and Lynne were also a great source of knowledge in the intricacies of my new Iphone!
Andrew and Nick arrived back about 230 as the racing had been canceled as the wind had picked up to 25 knots. Nick recounted how he had capsized the boat. 
Nick in His Hobie Assoc Shirt
When a catamaran tacks the crew needs to dash over to the opposite side  at the point of the trampoline to avoid  the wind getting under the Tramp. If you are slow the boat tips up backwards. Nick went sliding down the trampoline into the water! His first capsize and in 25knots Really initiated now!

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