Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seminar Day at PMYC

View from Window of the Yacht Club
Well the day arrived after months of planning. Understanding Infant feeding refusal. It was a new experience setting up systems that would make the organization easier; many lessons learned on the way!
Lessons learned.
1. Don't expect everyone to have your sense of timeline.
2. People forget!
3. Some people think I would know they wanted to come despite not having emailed me at all!
4. Technology needs LOTS of practice (all was OK on the day)
5. Beware the development of 2 lists of anything; The wrong one will always open first
6. Councils take a long time to pay
7. Use gmail for being able to find an email easily (great search system)
8 There are still computer illiterate people out there.
9 Everyone appreciates a great venue!
10.There is always one who is never happy!
The crowd and self (Note my banner on the small stand)
Bearing all that in mind it went well. I ended up with 39 people, one sick on the day and the arrival of the aforementioned person I had never heard of! The catering, and Adam who worked the day there was great and went smoothly. Never organised a conference or day when there was help, usually nurses do stuff themselves when it's small scale.
Breaks held on the deck
At lunch time many people commented on the georgeous day, and felt they were on holiday!
The videos worked well and I didn't have too much info or needed to pad any time slot, and general discussion & participation was good. Two constant 'yes but'ters in the front row, but manageable.
Feedback was good 32 replies, and only 3 negative "too basic" the rest very positive about everything.
The set up and view
One comment that didn't appear as I expected it would, was the table setting; I will do it differently for the next time. It was 'cabaret' style tables of 6 on 3 sides of the table. The people at the end of the tables (except the middle ones) had to turn to see me, though I did keep walking across so they were looking directly at me at times. Will need to set it out in straight rows next time. 
Also my slide background is pale with black letters and seemed a bit washed out on the transfer to a screen, so might trial a darker background so the letter contrast is stronger 
But all in all good. The next one in April is to be a workshop, so will need to develop some ideas on how to do this.  Feedback for the next one was a question, and many want to talk about the severe feeding aversion failure to thrive and NG weaning!!  So will adjust my plans for that.

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