Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Control

At long last a day in which I had some control over the workload. This wasn't to say I was idle, still ate lunch in 2 stages, but got through a  HUGE list of tasks (what a thrill to tick them ALL of at 430pm!).
There were less In patients that I was involved with and a new one I had this morning, that when I went to the  ward at 2pm when I said I would they had sent them home!! Well less work for me.
We are planning a full day seminar for hospital staff around breastfeeding, and we had  a long meeting yesterday to organise the detail.  It is set for  April 18th so time to prepare.
A main item of business was that they  had already had 28 bookings, with lots of Wards not yet doen rosters for that week, and the venue (the only one they could get I was told) held 30-35 at a pinch. 
So I looked up about Ella Latham Lecture theatre (the big one) and found the only booking for that day was a meeting form 12-1pm. So I rang the listed contact number, asked them if they would meet in the adjacent meeting room 'No problem" said Cindy so now I am seen as the miracle worker!!
We are after Medela who make Breast pumps to sponsor lunch etc as we have no budget and the staff aren't paying. They are the company that will provide breast pumps for the new hospital so we thought it would be good for them and us to see the latest models.
Then someone (remain nameless) said that The Royal Women's don't use them as sponsors as they make teats!!!(Baby friendly Breastfeeding!)
So we have asked Public Affairs who I am sure will say go ahead, so are hopeful.

We have also decided to use some of Neil Matterson's cartoons (permission granted!) as a theme. He is so funny with breastfeeding; he also did St Pips series about a baby in an isolette in a Nursery and another in utero.
There's a lovely one I have of a baby at a full breast saying "Superbaby! More powerful than an electric pump!" One that made me laugh and is relevant to a few private patients I am seeing at the moment,  is a baby flying across the room to a breast, mouth WIDE open and saying "Home from work at last!"
My own seminars that I am panning at Port Melb yacht Club about feeding refusal have at last started to fill up so that is reassuring!
Not so aesthetic with the overpass but still pleasant
 Today was a good milder day though a bit muggy. Instead of walking up Macaulay Rd on the way home I walked along the river (Moonee Ponds Creek actually) on the bike path (no scary moments and then up end of Arden Street Very pleasant end to the working week.
View from the bridge

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