Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art style pub

I met Gerry for lunch today and had a look at her new Creative Memories on-line book. Really versatile layouts and designs. There is a weekend for Scrapbooking again at Rawson in July but not sure what my holiday plans are at that time of year.
I was tired at the end of the day and couldn't be bothered to cook dinner, so I went to the Plough Hotel just on the corner.
It has new management in the last year and the rooms have been changed around.
The menu is a major improvement as well!
There is now the dining area set up permanently, with the bar area more casual. It has two TV screens for sport , but set muted unless some group is actually watching a game. There are several areas of leather couches and then small tables and chairs.
The chairs are all very colorful. All done by the owner I was told.

I particularly love the Western Bulldogs lamp shade !! (Footscray Football Club) In keeping with the Bulldog theme the Bar is called the Kennel Bar!

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