Monday, January 31, 2011

Hospital events

We had a CEO forum today where they showed us the new logo for the new hospital building. No longer will we have the 'crawling slug' as some call it but a new design that takes in the fact that not all patients are babies It is a sort of stick cross shape with a circle for a head (Like a child with his arms up )and above surrounded like a shower of coloured leaves to show our link with the park and the new building design. Not a good description but it looks OK. Won't be used until we are in the new Hospital or documents relate to the new Hospital or the next few years.
As she said we move in THIS year.
The link bridge and the new lifts (blue gray on the right)
As I walked to work this morning all the scaffold had come down on the link between the old building that is staying (only 5 years old so not old) and the lifts that have been added at the end. I gather from a  comment that the lights are on at night sometimes!! Must drive past.
It was to be 39 degrees today so I had planned to get the bus back to Kensington  and not risk death by heatstroke. A parent who came to see me said it was cooler already so that was a relief.
About 4pm I thought I could hear rain and thought the change had come (no rain predicted)  but when I looked out it wasn't raining.
Gatehouse St Fire Hydrant

Part of Ronald McDonald House. Working to keep the water out.

Opposite Emergency Drive. Blowing sky high!
When I headed off home I could see why I could hear rain!!

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