Sunday, January 30, 2011

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I have really got in to the free MYKI card weekend travel for Seniors! The card is valid Saturday and Sunday since Jan 1.
Last night I went by car to North Melbourne station (more frequent trains go there) parked at the door, and got a train 3 minutes later. However I could have walked faster between North Melbourne and Southern Cross. We stopped 3 times and crawled the rest of the time After that the trip to Flinder St. was fine. But a 7min trip took 15.  I stayed on and the train went on to the Loop got off at Parliament then just walked down  Lonsdale St to the ethnic dinner restaurant of Wendy's choice. The Seamstress. The food was superb and a great dining experience.

Our philosophy is steeped in Cantonese cuisine, representing the most famous and sought after tastes of China,but our inspiration is modern fusion, the dance of east and west on the palate.
Over the years it’s been a garment factory, a brothel and a Buddhist temple; now it’s a  many-storey bar and restaurant. Its former days show in the old sewing machines at the entry. We didn't go down to the bar which has coloured spools of thread on the wall, the lengths of fabric that make a false ceiling and the clothes hanging from the walls.
My trip home was 20mins door to door Much better! My turn next.

 Have got in another exhibition to add to my goals.  Stormy Weather Contemporary Landscape Photography  contemporary approaches to the landscape through the work of eleven Australian photographers.The blurb says that photographers’ interest in the landscape has increased in the last few years. Perhaps as a result of heightened environmental awareness, or an evolution in our engagement with Australian history, practitioners are again turning to the natural world as a site for critical practice and inspiration.These were all drawn from the permanent collection the National Gallery of Victoria 

Photographers include Rosemary Laing; Harry Nankin; David Stephenson; Richard Woldendorp; Nici Cumpston, Anne Ferran and Jill Orr.

Rosemary Laing Photo by Steve baccon
I especially loved the works of Rosemary Laing  
What looks like anthills in the front is actually office furniture!
Ultimately, her epic photographs explore the relationship between the land of Australia and the people who inhabit it. Australians, she says, are forever questioning the "right" to be here - unlike, say, Europeans for whom migration and settlement are issues buried long in the past. "In Australia, we're all migrants of one kind or another."  Steve Meacham. smh
She is also the artist who did Useless actions for grieving blonds that I have seen before. 

The pieces of Jill Orr reminded me of Celia's Journaling images. Jill is more well known as a performance artist  but the pieces Faith in a Faithless Land I enjoyed especially.

I have had to interrupt my blog as I have gone off line ..again.. the culprit is Spencer who, lying at my feet as is his wont, manages to lie on the power points and dislodges them enough to cut it off. It's not enough to lie beside or just behind me but he likes to lie on my foot that is nearer the desk. So I have had to pull the desk further out so he is back from it. Thinking about a cover that may save the day! And I already have a powerboard attached so that's not the solution.

 Nippers compete in the third Life Saving Victoria event at Elwood. Photo: Craig Sillitoe

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