Saturday, January 1, 2011

Warm Weather

Found it quite warm wandering around today.
Yes, a wool coat, but no scarf and no gloves and no silk thermals! 
After all it was 53 degrees 12 C.  After -2C that's pretty good; Forecast is for cooler as the week goes on and  2 degrees when I go home on Wednesday.
We went for  walk up to MoMA to see Martha's work on  the street and had a good chat as she and we, did business. 
Even in a short stroll there seems always to be something different or unique to see and snap!
We had lunch at Hurley's over the road (now free of snow) and chatted with the friendly Irish barman.
We had a quiet afternoon then headed off to 42nd street (note the Chrysler building?) to see The King's Speech, only to find that the session was booked out.  So we bought tickets for tomorrow and had a drink at another Irish bar called The Glass House Tavern.

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