Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

We started off the day with packing up ingredients and big enough pots and platters for our Japanese meal I (with Celia's help) are making Temaki Sushi (means make each by hand and put in what you want) for 12 for dinner. 
We managed it in in 3 bags and a trolley! 

We'll have Miso Soup with spring onion and tofu, The sushi with a choice of raw tuna or swordfish, cooked prawns, avocado, asparagus, cucumber, red pepper, egg roll, alfalfa sprouts, pickled ginger and wasabi. We will also have green beans in miso sauce, Celia's Japanese cabbage and Pork. We will serve this in paper cups a la Mary & Steve caterers. Of course there will be wine and Champagne. Celia and I will head off about 4pm to be surer we are there early enough to do the preparation, and people are arriving about 630. Seems very early for a New Year event, but the roads of access are blocked off as the crowds arrive for the Times Square bash and from history we know you may not be able to get to where you want to go.
We will while away the time with some concert DVDs We have Leonard Cohen, Dixie Chicks as well as Kath & Kim  and The Librarians.

As we walked up, the street was already being set up with Police in groups receiving briefling or just adjusting the corrals. They tend to herd people in groups and gradually let them move closer to Times Square.
We went on up to Columbus circle to get the fish and walked it back to the fridge then went back for lunch (Only 2 blocks) We had lunch at a new Italian place De Voce,  delicious, then headed back to eth Apartment tillt iem to elave Celia ahd  anap and I did some emails.
We left at 4pm to walk up 8 blocks just up Broadway Already there were huge crowds be in marshaled to get on to Broadway & down to Times Sq. We went back to 8th Ave and walked up a few blocks and could cross over to Broadway again; rang Sue to warn her of crowds.
We prepared a Japanese Temaki sushi banquet which was very well received.
Martha, the artists Celia had met selling outside MoMA was there as well as Bernard an artist who does etching. We filled the time talking, watching the view down Broadway, watching and singing along to Mama Mia. kept us all in singing mood for the countdown We all had a champagne toast to 2011.
We stayed a bit longer as the crowds dispersing would take a while, we all (only Aussies left) ended up watching first episode of Thank God You're Here!

Happy New Year!

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