Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clear Up

When I went out this morning the road was closed off as they were doing the clear up of the snow.
I hadn't throught about what you do with the snow when you clear it off the road. It has to go somewhere so there are big trucks taking it away. I also saw a truck load of salt they were laying down. The whole of the section of Broadway I crossed was also closed as they worked to get it clear for New Year celebrations. I have learnt to recognise thin slush vs an ankle deep puddle with slush on top!
There has been a lot in the media about how slow the clean up has been with anger at the Sanitation execs who ordered a deliberate go slow over funding demands. Everyone blaming someone!
                                          A Truck of salt

 Trucks on Broadway and our local 48th Street

I went down to the MoMA store and bought Sue some gloves she had been dreaming about.
Pretty ordinary they may look but they have a special bit sewn onto the fore finger and thumb. Why you may ask? It means you can use your IPhone without taking your gloves off. 
Didn't realise they didn't work gloved up.
They only come in red or big men's size in black if anyone want me to bring some home Not the season really is it?

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