Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brooklyn Museum

Today we went to see a fabulous exhibition of Norman Rockwell's Not the paintings themselves but the huge collection of photographs he used to set the design of the planned painting. He carefully staged each photograph, selecting props and locations even changing locations as the idea developed. the lovely picture of The Runaway, a small boy sitting on a counter stool with a policeman beside him was originally set in a  modern diner, but later change it to an older looking place to signify the boy had got further to a small country town area. He often used the  same child models, or his sons in many paintings. The photos were fascinating , also showing how he propped the actors to better enable them to stay still for lengths of time.

After we went for a walk in the adjacent Botanic gardens all covered  in undisturbed snow It was calm and sunny so even warm -2 degrees!!

We had lunch at a great spot Eataly a sort of food hall like none I had seen. Each section of meat, fish vegetables, pasta had it's own eatery bar or tables. A great concept hard to reproduce at home without the population and turnover to support it. There were more people out today as the roads were cleared and transport back to 90%
After we went for a walk down to a view of the Flatiron Building and near there a great view of the Empire State Building. It was made more interesting by the sun shining directly on it.

Celia at the vege Bar!

Rows of packets of pasta

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