Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Jan 2nd

Today Celia and I planned a visit to Michael's. A craft and hobby store that has 5 aisles of Scrap booking things. Did we have a ball!! A lot was 50 % off as well as a voucher from the paper for 25% off, so we were happy to buy up. And when we finished it printed a 25% discounts voucher use by end of month.
After we went on to see Bernard who spent New Year's Eve with us: he sells his  work on Broadway at 79/80th . I bought an etching titled Blue Bottles and he was pleased (and surprised) when I said "Oh Blue Poles!" You have to see it (and maybe be Aussie) to get it. A lot of his work was ironic humour.
We then headed back and came across what looked like dueling snow ploughs! Two vehicles racing across the intersecting corner  dumping loads of cleared snow We think they were to sprinkle salt on it to melt rather than drive it away. But the pace they were moving seemed to completely disregard the cars trying to cross and negotiate the intersection. At one point I thought he was going to dump it on the car approaching. Maybe the driver did too!!

Also the end of Christmas is evident as people are putting their trees out for collection. Celia said they have a big muncher to recycle the trees to mulch

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