Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunny Saturday

The Tower  A Great View in all directions!
A beautiful day spent looking out on the bay while I did race monitoring and results at PMYC. I still haven't organised a regular crew so not sailing much lately. The day dawned very still and by end of day it was still a light breeze 8-10 knots Just right for me!!
Port 3
We launched the New Rescue boat today an Assassin, but tamely called Port 3. The yellow colour makes it easy to spot. In the boat is a new volunteer (dropping the buoys) who is a Surgical Fellow specializing in trauma, at RCH. Not an area I have a lot to do with on a day to day basis so don't know him. Excellent first aid person to have!!
We had 30 lasers out today small boats with 6 numbers on the sail.  Calling the places as they come in is a nightmare if they are close. Fortunately by the end of a long race they were only 2-3 at the same time so we had time to call write and do the time!

Coming up to the common mark The green spinnaker belongs to a Jolly Boat
 Tonight I am off to the Czech Club in North Melbourne to see Julia Messenger Quartet, Internationally and critically acclaimed singer Julia Messenger is invited to the Czech Club to explore the classics, introduce some new songs, and get back to her jazz roots. Included is a tribute to Piaf and Kurt Weil. With an outstanding line up of musicians, this is a night not to be missed! with Wendy and Royce. Was to be be Deb , but she has to collect Ruby the dog, on the other side of town and doesn't thinks she can make it. But we will have lunch tomorrow.

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