Friday, January 21, 2011

Northerly wind

It has been a warm day with a strong northerly wind blowing till about 5pm when it shifted to a southerly. The front wire door is doing it's job and letting int he breeze to cool the house!
 I had no private patients booked today though did do a home visit last night in Camberwell. An 18month old who did not eat and has been force fed since 10months. Surprise surprise he refused everything. It was actually dad's frustration that had him stop a week ago, and in the past week the boy has started to explore food. Nibbled on a chicken nugget happily for quite a while, and drinking some milk in a straw cup, when I was there. Parents are happy to wait and see how his interest picks up.
Two other mothers rang with updates and they are doing well.
I then used my Office works gift card to buy something to be a workbook for the Seminar I am planning on March 11th. I had thought of doing ring binding but the costs are not worth it, but found some plastic folder with a corner piece to keep the papers in and some clips to create a file all for $1.10 pp.

On the way out I was admiring the gum trees in the car park and decided to take a picture.

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Celia said...

Sounds like the 11 goals are really doing it for you MIch. Glad the door does the trick too!

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