Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunnier Sunday

Today was another perfect day a little warmer than yesterday but lovely!
I spent the morning doing housework! dusting, vacuuming the rugs,clearing clutter off the dining room table from when I wrapped the Xmas presents before I went away. And found the dilly bag of rechargers I had 'lost'. So now my Palm Pilot is functioning again.
After, I met Deb for lunch and we are hoping to sail together in the future. Not next Saturday though.
Heavy Work to windward
Next week is Top of the Bay a regatta between 5 clubs that is notorious for its weather. As Deb said the words chill her to her soul! Next week it is scheduled to be sailed at Elwood so we not only have the long race we sail down there and back! So we will try and team up with Maria and see if we can potter at the Club.
Stump Jump. The singer is the librarian
I called in to the library to return my Xmas library books and they had music in the Court Yard a 3 piece ensemble called the Stump Jump who were playing folksy stuff a very pleasant interlude.

The very pleasant courtyard with new seats and tables.
I returned home to prune the Banksia Rose at the front  and the weeds from the front of the drive to enable access without getting whipped in the face as I crept by, or showered with water as the wind blew it!

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Celia said...

There you go decluttering has a purpose!
Good day by the sound of it and good idea to not sail the Top of the Bay. I remember all those bad weather days and I didn't sail in them :)

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