Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland rain

It dawned on 4 of us at the same time that where Eric and Char live, Esk, is inland from Brisbane and are probably affected by the flood.
So Bridie, Celia Tony and I (and this morning Andrew range me to ask what was happening) all contacted him.
The previous reports I had heard once I got home, I was unclear where it was all happening.
 In fact 75% of Queensland has been declared a disaster area. As a news commentator in England said "the size of France and Germany together!! and only 200,000 people!" Not sure that he got the figure right. I think teh 200,000 was atown.

The property is fairly big and has a creek at the edge of it.
Rick said that a local had built, with Council approval, a dam on the creek.
On Tuesday that burst, and they had a flash flood that swept up to the house and under it, then receded in about 30minutes. Taking all their fences, irrigation and all the plants he had put in in the last 6 months.
The street of Esk is knee deep but receding.
Esk is near the  Wivenhoe Dam, built across the Brisbane River that creates the artificial Lake Wivenhoe. The dam is located about 80 kilometres by road from the centre ofBrisbane and was built in response to the 1974 Brisbane Flood, as well as to provide water storage for South East Queensland

This photo was from a blog of "365days of photos" (

A comment under it dated Jan 11th
Hazard a guess that you haven't gone back for more photos today!? Today it's at 175.9% capacity and rising! That's a lot of water... Highest on record in the Wivenhoe by the looks of it. 
 I'm not sure how it is coping but it was releasing water in October.

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Celia said...

It all looks awful.
Those photos are amazing that Eric took.

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