Friday, January 14, 2011

Goal 11 Clear clutter

While getting things together to go to Balwyn for some Private practice today, I realised that the stuff for my business was a 'clutter item" nothing together and often can't find something.
So the goal was to create a business workspace and clear the clutter. (and it's not in Celia's room!!)
Imac and dresser filing!
 The Imac is on a  small work table so not really room there for more and it needs to stay in the dining room as that is where the phone jack is. But as you can see I have been utilising the dresser top as a filing table
Stationery on the dining room bookshelf

Booklets and clothes etc for recycling in bedroom corner.
 I use my laptop case to carry and keep things but this is not actually a practical 'desk'. It is still humid so I got very hot moving things but the end result is very pleasing.
All set up in my bedroom with a covered spot for Spencer!
Note the coffee mug a gift from Kate & Nick with Mitroshka dolls like on my Business cards!
The red box now holds my Feeding Issues Booklet that I wrote.

I realise as I write this (on the Imac not the laptop) that I could move the wireless printer in there, so it is out of the dining room, and it is my lap top that is linked to it.

Another clutter item (as in wasteful) was that with the increase in use of my mobile phone for work, my Plan was not suited. My usual  bill was $20-30, but since August when I started it has gone to $100, $170 and this month with use overseas $200.
So I went and got a new plan.. but not an IPhone yet! a Cap of $49. (for $400 of calls) and 1GB of downloads.
One Goal well done!!

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Celia said...

Wow you really are getting into the decluttering mode!
Where did you put all the stuff? I presume stuff went to Vinnies or is it not cluttering up your can in the hopes it will get to Vinnies?
The mug looks lovely.

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