Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exhibition 1

The rain has stopped and it's a sunny day so i decided to look at the first of my Exhibition goals.
I made use of my new MYKI free weekend travel card and went by train. I went to park behind the station and took the first, not second Road and ended up at the rear of the station, but there were 7-8 free parks there right at the door. So my lucky day. 
View of Art Centre Spire from 3rd floor of Fed Square gallery
I decided to go to the Ian Potter Gallery at Fed Square just opposite the station and see the Exhibition called The naked face Self portraits  
The portraits were all from the existing collections, and displayed in themes exploring the potential for self-portraits to re-evaluate identity. They were set in different themes of self examination, self identity and self expression  or the artist’s sense of self through identification with symbolic myth and narrative. Yet depicting the self can also be a way of camouflaging or protecting the self. Works by Clemente, Close and Sherman show how a self-portrait can act as a mask, asserting a surface or public persona and implying hidden depths.
It was the portrait of Andy Warhol with costumes by Zandra Rhodes and Coco Chanel that made me think of how one's personality can be portrayed by how we dress or other ways we express ourselves. 
It also raised the thought about how we see a photo of ourselves as "not a good shot". We obviously look like that but prefer to think we look different. 
Digital Cameras are great as we can immediately delete the 'wrong' ones!
I then looked at photos of myself that are all different and wonder what it is about each that makes me prefer one over the other.
I like this photo as I loved my red hair then!

This I feel makes me look fat, pasty and squinty! All of which I am in the picture.

This is my favourite of recent times

I am not so keen on this, but on examination I look much like the previous one. 

As they say it is all in the eye of the beholder!!

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Celia said...

A very brave post Mich. One can be less than honest about how we see ourselves and I think you have been very brave about how and why you like/dislike the photos.
Love the photos of the exhibition. I need to go back and look but how many of those photos do you have drink in your hand??

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