Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back at Work

I started back at work on Monday and as expected faced a barrage of referrals. Lots of 'thank god you're here!" made me feel good. (but no comic routine needed (Aussie TV) ). We have had a few babies in with hard to diagnose things. Not the same symptoms just sickish babies 9-11 weeks old who  are a bit of a mystery. Had a few parents down affected by the Northern Victoria floods, in that they couldn't drive and baby came by air ambulance or they can't get home yet.  It is not as bad as Queensland in terms of area but some towns completely cut off, Kerang today, and rivers still at peak flood levels.
One of my gorgeous patients
The next few days were just as busy  I had a family with twins. One had been very sick and was not starting to feed again so i had been up to see them 2-3 times a day so that kept breaking into any thing else i was asked about. Managed to meet all demands so that was good. 
But really tired at end of day and sleep haunted by nightmares each night Never really remember them next day but were about work in some vague type of relationship. Hope to catch up on some sleep this weekend
 RMIT is renowned for it's arty facade in middle of the city
My god daughter Michelle (2 Ls) is starting fashion design at RMIT (very hard to get in to) so she is going to board with me this year. As Celia is coming home a few times this year, she (Michelle)  will probably use the rooms in the Bungalow, a good retreat for her, but when I went to look at it the other day I realize that this will be De-Clutter Goal number 2!!!
The rains and humidity has stopped here and we now have some summer days sunny and 29 welcome as the Australian tennis has started.
Hope to get in some outdoor walks in at the weekend

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Celia said...

Hope you remember that some of the"clutter" in the bungalow are Sue's treasures.
I'm happy to help with decluttering when I'm home in a couple of weeks.

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