Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pom Pom Down..almost

Not sure if it was a coincidence, but Spencer came pushing at me about 830 and I presumed he had run out of water.
Not really likely as it has been raining all day (yesterday too) and there is water collecting everywhere. But when I went out a big branch of the Pom Pom tree had come down right over my rose at the edge of the verandah. It was OK at 630pm.
The main branch down
I think the weight of water in the dead blossoms that are still on the tree, just weighed it down. It has been hanging low the last week.
The bits I initially cut off to clear the rose
 I wanted to get it off the rose, but I couldn't get at the spot the bough had broken and peeled back the bark on the trunk. But I got the saw out and cut 3-4 branches to clear the rose (hardy thing will survive!) and cut  a few more.
Then while I was already hot and sweaty  I decided I would clear a bit of the leaves in the gutter at the wall back of the toilet, where water was rushing down from the gutter.
No mishaps except this was all done in the rain.
I cut some more to try and balance the tree Now a clearer view through it.
It has been warm and muggy all day (Thursday was 97% humidity. Fortunately only 28degrees!) and as I cut the branches and they came down I had a heavy shower of water --warmish! By the time I came in I had to strip and dry my hair.

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