Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Washington Museums

After my experience at the Valentino exhibition of terrible back ache after days of walking around museums I planned to do 2-3 at most a day I slept poorly, waking at 2:30 am and not getting back to sleep till 4 so had a late start.
I went by subway one stop (to avoid the cold) and then walked 3/4 of the block to get to the entrance of the Museum of the American Indian. The building is wonderful and has been designed with huge consultation with all the native groups of America, Canada, and South America and Mexico.The building is one of layers of concentric circles, and the displays are all circular leading in to the next one. The range of displays is modern as well as of history but especially about the place of the American Indian in society today. Lots of displays of different community groups and how they manage their affairs as well as maintain identity in their regional homeland.
I bought a beautiful pendant in silver and black pottery shard.

After that I headed to the Museum of the History of America.
This was a mix of popular culture history and iconic USA. There was a huge section on America at war covering WW1,2, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan. There was also a big exhibit about the Star Spangled banner. The original flag on display as well as the story of where it came from and how the national Anthem was written...Added meaning to the lyrics. The sight of the flag flying meant an American victory over the British....Oh say can you see by the dawns early light,etc. (Just had a sterling rendition by Celia and Co.)
There was an exhibition of dresses of the First lady worn at the Inauguration Balls. Photo is of Michelle Obama's, and had a sticky beak at Julia Child's kitchen.
I stopped at every video display there was to rest my back and had lunch break as well, but after the late start only managed the two museums.
I returned to the hotel for a rest before heading out to the DC Light Tour.

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