Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Washington DC Day 1

While Celia and Sue were still working I took a 3 day trip to Washington DC where I had been once before but only seen the Space & Science Museum ( long separate story) I traveled up by train from Penn Station and had a comfy 2.5 hr trip
I had booked on line and was staying at the L'Enfant Plaza hotel just over the L'Enfant Plaza metro stop. I even was offered an' E up-grade to a 'Deluxe King room with views of the Potomac and Monuments' This turned out to be a slight exaggeration as I could see both Washington Monuments and the edge of the river between views of other buildings, a sort of Dame Edna view.
But the hotel was great, handy and not expensive. Aussie dollar is lovely at the moment.
Union Station was a gem where they filmed the pram and shootout on the stairs scene from The Untouchables. It's very tempting to relate knowledge of the US from films seen!
My first sight of the familiar scenes was the State Capitol as the taxi took me to the hotel. I had booked on a Best of DC tour at 230 so had time to find some lunch, and the Old Post Office from where the tour started.
Although the main sights and Museums are on the Mall all together, the tour was good covering the distant spots that saved trekking all over DC. The guide was informative but typically ignorant when it came to Australia. he was most impressed with the knowledge of USA history of the 4 Aussies on the trip.
It was cold but not windy There was snow left on the ground from a storm a few days before, but with coat gloves scarf and hat I was very comfy. Short forays out of the bus were 10-30 minutes at most at a time.
Finished off about 530 as it got dark, and then went back to hotel for dinner.

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Celia said...

Your photos are fabulous Mich. Love the light in the sunset and the whiteness of those great monuments and buildings.

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