Sunday, December 19, 2010

New York New York!

After a long 25hrs of travel in fair comfort and no connection delays arrived at 48th street to be greeted by Celia in the lobby! She and Sue and Bernadette shared a welcome champagne, then off to bed as they were working next day.
I slept fairly well waking at 3am for a brief check of surroundings then up for a tea before Celia left for work then back for a nap.
Lessons to be learnt. No 1.
No matter how warm you are inside is no indication of amount of clothing needed outside!
I actually went back indoors to get my lighter gloves as it was so hot as I left the apartment.
I was walking down to Penn station to book my ticket to Washington DC, so at least the exercise kept me warm and (an important lesson 2) it is not as cold if it is was not windy!
I arrived where Penn station should be on the map but all I could see was Madison Square garden so walked up the adjacent street and when redirected back by the police found it is under MSG and as I headed back that way the sign was evident. Booked my ticket with no trouble getting the Acela express as advised by my resident travel guru(Celia) The walk back took me past Grand Central Station The New York Yacht Club (no water in sight) Macy's, Empire State building and NY Public Library and Bryant park. I took a photo of where the tidal wave rushed up the 'canyon' street to the library (The day after tomorrow movie) I also realized that from the apartment 37th floor we are looking at the sunshine sky , but down on the street the sun doesn't get through. "young girls are coming to the Canyon" has meaning now.
Did a little shopping at Lord and Taylor and Ann Taylor's (any relation?) then home to Celia's delicious meal of Japanese pork and cabbage

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