Sunday, February 14, 2010

JB Sailing

Well the old team got back together for the Club Championships. Amber (my replacement with Bernard and Jason) is pregnant and suddenly become very big and while hoping to last till the end of the season, is very pregnant looking now at 26weeks.
Bernard asked me last week if I would sail with them for the 5 races on Saturday & Sunday.
I have really lost my confidence over the last years or two and feel VERY anxious when the wind picks up.
With Bernard and Jason while feeling anxious I know we will be OK as we work well as a team and seem to be able to respond quickly if there is a problem.
While we were sailing Bernard said that years ago he had said to Graham (major Jolly boat club guy) that Michele was anxious in wind and he said "well just get rid of her!" "Well he had to eat his words Bernard" I replied. (as we beat him and won Championship and races on many occasions!!)
Saturday dawned dull and overcast with a 20Kn (strong) wind predicted I had not looked at the forecast as I felt I would not have slept!
When I got to the beach it was about 10 Kn but by the time we rigged and got dressed it was 15 and rising. We had 5 races altogether two Saturday and 3 Sunday.
I quickly fell into the pattern of sheeting, balance and chat as we headed out.
We had a good start and the wind was rising to 20K as were the waves. Being the main sheet hand I lean out, Bernard sits in a bit and Jason is higher up on the trapeze wire. So as the boat races through the waves, I get a face full of wash; I can understand the theory of water-boarding.!! I needed to look backwards to be able to breathe at times especially on the Reach with the spinnaker up.
A few times as we hit the waves I was the brace to stop Jason getting knocked off the wire. He said he usually knocks Amber into the boat!
I usually keep a foot under the toe strap, but one time we hit a wave and I levitated about 30cm and with no brace , just holding the main sheet: I was worried where I would land, hopefully not in the middle of the boat overbalancing us, but luckily another wave bounced me back down on the deck. We used to do well in heavy weather as Jason is so heavy on the wire we don't need to ease off all the time. This proved true again as we came 1st and 2nd in the two races.
Sunday again I ignored the forecast. As we were pulling the boat out Bernard said, had I heard the forecast I said No and he and Cliff both said "Good!!"
We were to start at 1100 and do one race have lunch then 2 more .But the forecast was for 15k rising to 25-30 in the afternoon So we had the 3 races back to back!! Even now at 6pm the front has not come through But it meant we finished at 4pm and I have been able to pit my tens machine on my aching back.
Today was PERFECTION!! we never used to do very well in light weather but Bernard says he has done some tuning and it is OK .
We certainly were!! With Mild weather and 10-15 knots slowing rising over the 3 races. we had 1st 1st 2nd.
Aching all over and will have trouble going down stairs tomorrow but I had a great weekend!

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Celia said...

Sounds like you have won the club championship! Well done!

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