Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Final Step.

It seems appropriate with all the terrible heat we have had lately, to get air conditioning as part of the 'renovation'.
I had gone, on Andrew's suggestion, to The Good Guys, as he knew someone at another store and could get a good price for me. The local store had a deal on till Sunday night (I was there Sunday) so when I rang Andrew and said what the price was and I suggested I could get it at Preston. The installation was cheaper by $100 than Andrew had, so when I got off the phone the guy ( a good guy!) went to the manager and gave me a further $100 off.
So today they came and installed it above the dining (now living ) room window where it is unobtrusive, but in a good spot. They were in and out, cleaned up, showed me how to use it and put the outside unit out of the way of the climbing rose, all in 2 hours. Impressed, I was!
Took a photo to show , but as it is above a window the light coming in won't take a flash photo so will wait till dark!

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