Monday, November 16, 2009


After a busy few days talking floor sanding and polishing, I am now having the floors done by Mark, of M & M Floor designs. He was very excited by the good quality of the almost undamaged Baltic Pine floorboards exposed when the carpet was removed. They are paint stained and splashed but he said 'no problem' He said if I pulled them up and sold them I would get about $2500. There was one small piece to be inserted where the plumber had drilled into and pulled up about 30cm of board, to put in the gas heater.
I then spent the weekend emptying the rooms as he could start today.
God what a job!! But good opportunity get rid of more clutter (I have only been home 12months!!), clothes to the op shop, books to the bookshop, and paper in the recycle bin. I moved all the small stuff; side tables, coffee table, small chairs, dressers, boxes from Maddy's , emptied the dressers to move more easily and prevent breakage, emptied the bookshelves (worst job! thank heaven I hadn't got those from the bungalow stored there when I went to Japan) and rolled up the rugs and stripped the beds.
Annemarie and Michael came home on Sunday briefly and did some trips of boxes to the bungalow that sped things up. Fortunately she is away for a week on a school camp.
Mark and his off-sider moved the big furniture for me this a.m. So it is in the kitchen, back room and bathroom and bungalow . Getting it back?? I will face that when it comes time!
Spencer and I are staying at Wendy's for 3 days. Hopefully it will be finished on time. The decking and front boards are being finished today as well.
So here are some before pictures.

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Celia said...

Wow Mich looks amazing and so much work. Well done!

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