Saturday, November 21, 2009

Polished floors

I came home on Friday to be able to go into the house. The sight of the floors shining and reflecting back the sunlight was amazing.
The previous Blog has the before and I have photos taken from the same spots to compare
You room Celia looks wonderful.
The dining room (old site!) obviously had sunlight or covering affecting the wood but it just makes for interesting patterns.
The exposed Bearer looks OK with the board covering it.
Although a cool change had come through on Friday it was hot and sweaty work moving the furniture back have not been able to finish yet as the sideboards need to be moved before I can get to anything else.
My room photo shows the marks on the wall from Spencer's various resting places. Needs a clean!!
The next tidy up will be the hearth. The edge of that looks good and I think the concrete will just come off and I can put a new hearth stone there.
Jo has come to visit for the weekend and she helped me move some furniture back. We still have one sideboard and one couch to do.
While trying to attached the base to Celia's bed the screw came out of the frame I was holding and the whole base dropped on my foot! I have a VERY sore left bit toe area!


Celia said...

Mich they do look beautiful! Well done! Thanks to Jo for helping put things back too. It would be my bed that caused the toe damage- sorry.

Sleep the rest of the contented.

We have put little protector things on the bottoms of the legs of chair so they don't scratch the floor and can move easily along. Not sure about the office chair though.

Bridie said...

It looks AMAZING!

mahesh said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.
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