Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Art of Sailors.

As part of the weekend involving a Laser Regatta and Open day, we decided to hold an Art exhibition of work from members or their families. The driving force was Rosemary and Phillipa both skilled needle women especially knitting, patchwork, and needlework of all kinds. We ended up with dozens of exhibitors. It was not planned that it was for sale just to show the range of work.We arrived at the Club at 8am on Saturday and had it all set up by 1130. I took down the Kimono stands that were used for the quilts and the sweaters. It was an eclectic set up with ladders , music stands and art easels showing the exhibits, all labeled with the artist's name and relationship to the Club.
So we had painting, photography, patchwork and applique, needlework, knitting, jewelery (2 members are jewellers,) One of the jewelers had a slide show covering making a ring...amazing!
The Wave is made by Steve who does installations,as well as making Motorcycle leathers! The wave is a stiched inflatable thing.
I submitted a photograph and the Scrapbook about the Yacht Club.

The work below was done for the regatta, Miro had not painted in 20 years so did this one called 'Laser homage to Miro" Very witty! It was the Laser Regatta)
Rosemary's Guernsey is made with no seams all in one continuous piece till you do the neck band And in 5 ply!! She even made up the pattern from a base of 20 stitches (No idea how!!) And there is one hanging behind it!!!

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Celia said...

Very impressive- hadn't realized this was all happening. Hope sailing went well.

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