Saturday, November 7, 2009

Above & Below

Today was the big concrete pour!
I came home on Thursday to find the carpet all pulled up except in Celia's room and under the bookcases, so the floor boards are all exposed. To my untrained eye it looks like Baltic pine, with some paint spatter and a few glue stains but all intact
In the process Mark had moved everything, but not really put all the small stuff back--fair enough! However when I reset the clock and the bedside table, I didn't realise that the radio was on low (silent!) so I didn't get any wake up call: I woke at 740 (I leave at 7.50) So when I did leave at 810 I heard the men arrive and went out to find 5 of them already there doing different tasks.
No wonder it is going so fast!
When I got home on Friday the frame for the verandah was done and I was given the task of selecting wood from the place on Geelong Road, and Mark will get it on Monday.
The concrete stumps were in with a base of concrete set to dry over the weekend. It is 30 today so will dry easily.
As I am typing this a truck is pulling up to dump stuff in my skip!! I called out and it turned out to be the concreter who did the digging up of the verandah and side. The stuff he is dumping is from a job by Mark as well.
So the next job is replacing the boards along the sides. He needs more boards as the house is higher, and I want to stop Spencer's escape. So he will use the old ones on the sides and put the new boards on the front.
My next step is the heater (a weird thing in this sudden heat) but if I have the plumber here to disconnect the old heater so we can plaster, then I should get the other one done at the same time.
I have a recommendation of someone to do the plastering who is good with the old cornice work

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Celia said...

Really loving seeing the things happening- amazing how quickly they are getting it done.
The floor looks fab.

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