Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Lots of progress on the stumps. But holes and dirt and jacks all over! Also BIG cracks appearing in the walls.
The corner of the living room chimney is looking ominous and there is a crack in the opposite wall as well as a gap beside the dining room fireplace to the outside But It was all going to need plastering anyway!
There was always to be a need for contingency planning and this is in the need to put the stumps right along the side to the back he was not going to do the bathroom or the kitchen, but there is almost no support and having a beam there may stop the original crack in the 2 outside walls widening.
Also it is impossible to see how level it is with the carpet being so uneven with the different layers of underlay, paper, lino etc underneath. I was wondering how I would get the carpet up (not too bad ) but would need to cart it away as well. But Mark said he can organise to get that done and then he will be able to be sure it is all level. So rather than pull up the carpet later it will be done now
There is also a peek at the boards underneath that don't look too bad, but hard to know what is in the middle of it all!!

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