Sunday, September 6, 2009


My morning walk is always varied, with the traffic, walkers, whether or not I have to stop for the train crossings, occasionally getting in to conversation with those waiting, or whether I see the regulars as well.
Last week I was crossing between the stationary cars (they queue up for ages with the above said trains crossing) and paused as I always do to be sure no bicycles were coming, when a motor bike zipped by. I paused (but obviously gave her a fright) As she went passed I said 'Bicycles"
A bit further up she stopped and called back that there is a pedestrian crossing (true) but as I approached I said I was sorry for frightening her, (she was on P plates) but thought not making the cars stop another time was a good will gesture! She shrugged and pulled out--- straight into the path of skate boarder also illegally using the bike path!(which is on the road edge). Didn't hit him but sudden swerving etc Good thing the traffic was still stationary. The guy walking near me "she won't last long of she's not more careful!"
But my walk was cheered the next day as I walked down Arden Street (sometimes I vary it) and saw the black swans sailing up ---with 5 cygnets clustered between them. I didn't have my camera, and as I walked home along McCauley Road they were down there with a whole bridge railing of people watching.
SO next day I brought my camera and they weren't there, but I had decided during the day that I would go down onto the bike path at McCauley road (if they weren't there) and walk along to Arden street. This was a perfect plan, as just as I arrived at the Arden st Bridge they sailed up. They were then ushered up onto the bank with each swan on alert all the time Two homeless men live under the bridge and as they came out the swan advanced hissing, but the men were feeding them and approached very carefully.
A lovely interlude!

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Celia said...

Love the cygnets there were some once on the walk Rose and I did around the park in Essendon.

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