Monday, September 14, 2009

Ghost trains

The day started well with the car not starting!
It had been giving me a bit of unreliability (not its usual behaviour) over the last week or two. The garage could find nothing wrong when I took it in last week, but every now and then it takes a few turns to start. This morning it took 5-6 with no result so I decided I'd walk (not sure which route, when I set off.)
I headed down to the Footscray station, the development of which is moving apace! and thought I would get the bus, but the bus goes down McCauley Rd which is at a standstill in the morning when I walk along there, so decided on the train to North Melbourne (not far from where I sometimes park the car) and then walk or try the new Bus route 401 that goes to the Royal Melbourne.
I arrived at the station at 8:10 and saw the 8:05 was due in 2 minutes! so got on and got a seat; we were to stop at South Kensington then North Melbourne. a trip of scheduled 6 minutes.
We stopped outside Kensington to wait for a regional train to go past and then for the one beside us to go then we moved into the Station. Then we left for North Melbourne where we also stopped this time for a Ghost train to do something (unseen by all on board) then we headed off again -200yds and stopped again. This time for another train going somewhere much faster than us. Finally we stopped at the Melbourne Junction for another Ghost special then arrived at North Melbourne at 825. I probably could walk it as fast!
The bonus was that the bus was waiting for us all. This new route serving the RM Hospital and Melbourne University was a brain wave of someone, as it prevents the need to go into Flinders Street to then get the tram up Swanston street. The bus trip is on quiet roads and takes about 5 minutes to the first stop. A solidly packed bus but with another 2 minutes behind. I arrived at the RMH at 8:32 and walked up to the Kids. Even with the delays I was at work from the door to the desk in 50 minutes. The trip home however only took me 40 including shopping!
I arrived home and after calming the dog's enthusiastic greeting, tried the car and it started straight away! So hope it will be OK again for a few days. I have to get to Doncaster after work tomorrow and don't want to cancel at the last moment.
With a new car imminent it only needs to last a few weeks at most!

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