Saturday, September 19, 2009


On Thursday night I wended my way (very slowly along with hundreds of other cars) crawling down Kings Way in the rain to The Mercedes Benz Show room. (no complaint about the rain just the slooow traffic!) 35 minutes from Flagstaff Gardens to just out of the casino tunnel.
The event was the official launch of Andrew and Nicholas' new business venture USHOW Real estate. Andrew and Nicholas were resplendent in orange bow ties to fit in with their logo. They have a team of designers, accountants, and sign writer (Briner ADS) on board to get their online business going. Several new sales representatives were there for the unveiling of the company car Smart cars and the logo.
Nicholas was a very impressive speaker and you could do nothing but believe that they will succeed.
After the drinks I headed off around tho corner to the Malthouse Theatre to see One Night the Moon. It was very impressive , but I am so used to hearing my CD with Paul Kelly singing that the voices seemed a bit weak. And the strong song "This land is me" from Albert the aboriginal tracker, his mike wasn't working! Must have been very frustrating for him, he kept palming at it but to no avail. After he went off stage it was OK when he came back.
I had booked for Wendy and I as Di was going anyway. She ended up sitting next to us!

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Celia said...

The guys look gorgeous as do the cars

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