Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rawson retreat

This weekend I spent at Rawson in the Baw Baw Shire at the Rawson retreat. This was the site for the construction crew of the Thompson Dam. This time we were scrapbooking with Gerry Silk who is a Creative memories Consultant. There were 21 enthusiasts and it turned out a good weekend activity for what was a chilly and wet weekend.
I had the stitches on my nose removed on Friday at 1200 (no photo to be seen!)then drove up with Wendy in her new car (Toyota Corolla) to Rawson , 2 hours door to door.
It was a mild afternoon and a lovely morning on Saturday but that only lasted till about 11am then it was bitterly cold and raining Perfect weather for us!
We started scrapping by 4pm and spent the whole days busy at work. Gerry had some raffles with a fund raiser for Very Special Kids (a Creative Memories project for the month) and after no success in the first one, I had all my three tickets drawn (only bought 3 after my no luck first raffle!)in the second, but as she had many gifts (out of stock products) I gave up the last one! So I do not need any more CM pens! But one gift was a red eye removal pen haven't tried it yet!
I had taken an eclectic mix of photos to work with and they turned out to be just enough. I did a series of pages on older photos of things I had been doing with Maddy,(Camping trip to central Australia etc) and then one of the garden at Beaumaris They were very pleasing!
I then did one on My walk to work using the puzzle cutter which was good fun to fiddle with. I haven't mastered taking good photos so the pages so these are a bit over or under exposed.
I then did one of Celia that I am very pleased with!
The final picture is of one photo I did. It is me on the beach at Aireys with Spencer racing up on the sand (the black spot!) I really liked the colours, of it reminded me of a Mary Cassatt painting of girls on the beach. It is part of the pages on the House at Aireys.

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