Monday, August 10, 2009

Mellow yellow

One thing about the Australian wattle is that there is always one variety blooming all year long. This one was in all its glory on my walk to work ands is still looking good 2 weeks later. It is in the middle of a reserve between 2 streets. I think they must have knocked down a street of houses years ago but the opposite side had this view while the other is the side of houses that front the adjacent streets.
I have a large wattle tree in the back yard that I planted in front of the bungalow It said it was 6 feet..... .what a misleading description, it towers over the building and drops litter all the time. Maybe it's just in a great spot.
As well, a family of Wattle birds (no relation !) have perched there and poop in too close proximity to the clothes line!! Wattles have a limited life span so I have decided to cut it down and place a screen fencing, and grow some creeping plant and smaller things in front.

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