Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aireys Retreat

After several weeks recovering from a really painful and stiff back, I have a week off to spend with Celia at Aireys Inlet. We love the quiet and slow pace of our stay there. The trip down is a bit shorter with the Geelong Freeway now open to Waurn Ponds and no travel through the city of Geelong. Our trip down may have been shorter but on the road to Anglesea we were behind someone who was not aware of the speed limit and only picked up speed once we left Sweetwater Creek.
This time we didn't stop to shop at Anglesea, and I had grabbed some soup from the freezer; so with the fire lit we were sitting down to lunch 15 minutes after arriving!
The weather has been mild, sunny and light breeze so we went or a walk along the cliff to the beach and the dogs enjoyed the freedom. I got caught out by a wave at the last bit of cliff and ended up wet to my ankles, but not cold so OK on the walk back.
So far we have been reading, playing scrabble, gardening, watching and laughing at Doc Martin, and eating the variety of soups I make each day for lunch; last one was Lamb shank and vegetable, Very good!

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