Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend activity

This stunning visual (lol) is the closest I could get to the moon, on Friday night! There is a practical explanation for it. Astronomers explain it is because light is made up of all colours, but as it passes through dust and smoke they are scattered. Red makes it through because it has the longest wavelength. The fact that it can be explained does not make it any less beautiful. The sun the next morning was similar scarlet through the cloud. The city smelt of smoke all day and the city was almost invisible from smoke haze A southerly breeze has blown it away from the city, but it is still smoky in in all the fire areas.
I went sailing yesterday first time in over 12 months I crewed with Bernard and Jason as Amber was away having an Op on her eye. For this fair-weather sailor it was perfect, a light breeze that gradually built during the day. It was the Club Championships and we came 1st, 5th and 7th so a deteriorating performance! But very enjoyable; balmy water, cool breeze and once the smoke went, lovely! I was coughing a bit in the morning but no asthma so that was good.

Friday evening I went to Julies Stone's place for her 55th birthday "Bubbly & Cake" Met some very nice people including Moira Rayner (knew Julie from London when they met when Julie was a med student!)and lovely to be among such a select group!
Saturday night was a party for Di's 60th birthday held in her just finished studio in her backyard in Northcote Again another lovely group of people. Great music (friends of hers,) great food and company on a balmy evening Perfect!!

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"See Me"... said...

Sounds like a great weekend. The sailing sounded much as usual- exhilaration and disappointment!
The parties sounded like they were interesting and really enjoyable.
Talk soon

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