Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More work

The scale of the devastation and loss from the bushfires is incomprehensible. Whole families dying, and many people still missing. A Paediatrican here is still waiting on news of her husband who was at Kinglake at the weekend; a dietitian who worked here part time several years ago has died with her husband and daughter. A friend of Maddy’s lost her home near Castlemaine, but is alive. Everyone is touched in some way. Many stories of true heroism and amazing luck as well as enormous grief. I wonder if many people who stayed to protect their homes really had the resources to do so. The speed of the fires seems to be the basis for the huge loss at Kinglake (35 dead) I’m not sure how I would cope faced with a wall of flames, and roaring wind.

This enduring image is to be developed as a poster and sold for the CFA

Work has been busy (what’s new!) but with lots of good resolution of problems as well as lots of non-eaters. They seem to come out of the woodwork!!
I am planning to do a consultation clinic to Tweddle Mother & Baby Unit for a short-term residential program for poor feeders. They said “Toddlers over 2 are the main group aren’t they?” I didn’t like to tell them that it’s the under 12 months that I want them to address, but I guess starting with the ‘easy’ ones is a start. I have drawn up a model of the clinic and will meet with them on Friday.
Still working on the changes to my Thesis of which the main argument is that the examiner thinks it’s a pre test/ post-test study!!! There is no Pre-test anything!!! But because I have statistics it is a ‘quantitative study’ not the ethnographic phenomenological or mixed method one I think. The questionnaires were to describe the group not to assess them. So I have some reasonable changes to make and then the argument!!
Had word from Vietnam re my Home stay student Tat Thang, he arrives next Thursday 19th. He should be OK to be a bit independent, as I have things on Sat (MTC) & Sunday evenings (WLT) as well as “Wicked” on Sunday week lunchtime for Kate’s birthday.

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