Sunday, February 8, 2009

The aftermath...ongoing

We were grateful for the cool change that came through at 530 as predicted, but the change of wind turned on to Kinglake, where several people have died and many homes destroyed
At Wandong a resident and former CFA firefighter, Brian Harper, said he watched the fire crest a hill and travel 1½ kilometres in just five minutes. "There were 60 to 70-foot flames, taking the tops of trees. We were praying for Elvis (the firefighting helicopter) to come, and thankfully it arrived in time." Late last night, Wandong remained cut off, with more than 50 cars parked at roadblocks as anxious locals tried to find out if they had lost their homes.

And this is only one town. Kilmore is on fire and residents and tourists are stranded in Yarra Glen, north-east of Melbourne, after fires cut roads going in and out of town.

What is incomprehensible is that some fires are thought to have been deliberately lit. This one on the foreshore at Back Rock among them.
I was out briefly in cool clothes Imagine how HOT these guys must have been!!

The work of the CFA volunteers is enormous. They are real heroes!

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