Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hottest day on Record

TO escape the heat today, was 32 at 8.30am , I planned to spend the day at the National gallery. They obviously don't want you to linger too long as it ended up too cold to stay!! But it did get me through a few hours. Wind gusts of up to 82kmh have been reported at the Airport, where it was a sweltering 46.8 degrees at 3. pm. I presume they cancelled the Sailing event Top of The Bay!! Currently 46.4.
I took my book (The Time We Have Taken) to read between looking at the different exhibits. One was about the Bugatti Family, who I know is associated with cars. However, the Bugatti family encompasses three generations and four individuals: Carlo Bugatti, his sons Ettore and Rembrandt, and Ettore's son Gianoberto (Jean). This exhibition showed the furniture, sculpture and cars of this family. Drawn from private collections, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the furniture now in the collection of the NGV, including the last chair from Carlo Bugatti's 'Snail Room' exhibited in Turin, 1902 (and a centrepiece of the show) the exhibition includes Carlo's furniture, animal sculptures by Rembrandt, a Type 37 racing car from Ettore's workshops raced at Phillip Island, and owned by Tom Roberts (the Painter's great nephew) The furniture was fascinating and an Art deco style. The piece of beauty was this car, an Atalante, looks like this but is red not green (forgot to take my camera!) Now I always wanted to by a classic car!! On searching the web for a picture I found a reference to find in a garage in NSW when a family was sorting the grandfathers huge collection of things!! A bit different from Maddy's paper and glad wrap!!
Tonight we are off to Ethnic Elaine at Via Venuto in North Melbourne The change is due about 5pm so hope it hits before we have to go out!!

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