Friday, February 20, 2009

Waiting for ....

I left work early today as I needed to be home by 2.45 to meet Tat Thang Nguyen who was arriving to Homestay with me. By 4pm I was getting worried as he had not arrived I rang the numbers at Victoria University who were organising the airport pick up, but was only able to leave a message at the two numbers I had. I also left a message for my friend Deb (who was involved in the arrangements.) By 5.30 I decided he had changed arrival date and no-one told me
Then about 5:45 a car pulled up and it was Deb. The pick up had not happened and so he rang the service who said they were on the way (an hour late) but still another 45 mins later had still not arrived so he rang Deb who happened to be free and was in the area so she collected him and brought him here. He knew I was at work, and was going to ring me if no-one had come by 5pm. Se we had a hash over the poor organising over a glass of wine. Deb was pleased that I had left messages and emails as they would not know what had happened to him until they got onto Deb. Let them stew!!!
Thang (pron Tang) is studying linguistics at the Uni, meeting research people to help present his PhD. He has a 2.5 year old boy, called Vu, who in an email already is asking where is daddy?. His mother is worried he will get sick! My child development knowledge and Skype will keep things on an even keel I think.
I had an “I knew something was wrong!...” experience today A little boy I had seen early January with no weight gain for 5 months and after assessing his feeding and getting him going, he was doing well, eating more and taking small amounts of milk We were stunned 3 weeks ago to find he had lost weight! I said he must have something else going on but he was reviewed in 2 weeks and encouraged to have more calories. Well Monday he had lost more weight.
He was admitted on Tuesday and his eating is not bad (toddlers are the pickiest of eaters!) and while he doesn’t drink much milk he does have 3 small breastfeeds still. As I was leaving (to get home to meet Thang) I spoke again to the consultant and said what other investigations they were going to do….. No more they said …because he has renal disease! This is almost identical to a girl I was seeing in 2007 and I found out that mid last year she presented in cardiac failure due to renal Hypertension; had a shrivelled kidney removed and is now chubby and eating well……. Not sure how we are to pick them, but if our interventions don’t work there is something wrong with them!!
I was planning to take a before-and-after photo of the dry grass and then the change when it rains Everywhere it is yellow. I walked past the Pool front lawn and decided to take one in the park, but then saw this creeping green! Must be an underground soakage for the trees.

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