Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A mad weekend

This is a late entry as the web last night just went on a go slow. so I gave up!
As part of Kate’s 10th birthday celebration I went to see “Wicked” with her family on Sunday. This was part of a weekend that I spent rushing from one place to the next!!
· Friday night Orientation for Thang
· a.m.Sat Shopping
· Afternoon, Yacht club and a little touring, looking for a Tennis club.
· 6.30 Dinner at Southgate (leaving Thang organised at home)
· Saw the MTC Play "Poor Boy" with Guy Pierce and music of Tim Finn (Fantastic) in the new Sumner theatre
· Sunday a.m. leave home 1030 to the city; Park and walk up to Fed square to show Thang the Tourist Centre to get maps etc and for him to find his way around
· Early lunch at Pancake Parlour (Kate drawing in the present I gave her)
· 1pm Wicked (Kate buying the Program)
· 345 finished (thought it would be earlier and planned to meet Thang on Bridge at 330.
· Rushed down and got to him 3.55
· Home by 4.20
· Left 430 to WLT
· Play Life X 3 Well done!
· Home, picked up Viet Takeaway and had tea at home with Sue and Wendy and Thang
· Crashed to bed 1015 asleep in 10 minutes!!!
· Work Monday very busy
· Left 445 walked to car
· Drove down Kings way (traffic Appalling)
· Turned to Nolan Street and up to Art centre,(traffic cleared) Collected Thang from spot he knew
· Drove to Patterson lakes (60mins good run)
· Dinner with Kate et al Roast lamb and Choc Ripple birthday cake. Andrew and Thang got on very well.
· Watched Top Gear. The car team were riding motor bikes round Vietnam!! Hysterical.
· Drove home (usual quick return 50mins)
· Crashed in bed 1030
· Up early to water the garden, walked to work, a quiet day planned!

Kate got a new scooter for her birthday and enjoyed it immensely. They were also demonstrating the stilts Andrew had made for them ‘at the other house’ A long way from fruit tins and string!!

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