Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It doesn’t take long for one’s environment to change. The lovely peppercorn trees lining Arden street oval were under the chain saw today!! Not sure what they are building.
The heat has gone but we are having some humidity the last few days; so muggy but bearable at 29-31. But the heat has brought about changes as well. I’m sure it is not early autumn leaf fall but rather conservation of heat stressed trees; less leaves less water needed. My car has leaves all over it in the morning from the Pittosporum (not usually a shedder) and the park this morning was a sea of yellow and green leaves.
Spotted a black swan on the Moonee Ponds Creek. Japanese for Swan is translated as “white bird” (shirotori) so rather hard to describe a black white bird! The Overpass follows the track of the train line and the creek so is a very mixed sort of view.
This group of men attracted my interest, as one guy seemed to be selling from his van. Guess what? The Rabbit-Oh! He had boxes of Western Farmland Rabbit all commercially boxed; obviously a big business as the van was full. Never seen him before.

Had book club tonight and we discussed The Zookeeper’s War by Steven Conte (Oz author who won the Prime Ministers' Award) Set in Germany an Australian woman married before the war to a German. It was interesting view of the deteriorating confidence in the German government and the stress of those in Berlin with endless bombing runs. Of interest also as I saw Valkyrie at the weekend.
The other book was Small Secrets by Maree Egglestone, a novel, based on her days as a student nurse at Prince Henry’s in 1974. Lots of memories and similar episodes came to my mind. She did her Paediatrics at Prince Henry’s on the ward where I was Charge nurse for a year in 1978/79 but many nurses went to the Children’s. She said, “Comparing 10 West with the Royal Children's Hospital was like comparing Porepunkah State School to Melbourne University” Not sure what we are reading next I think Steven Carroll The Time we have taken, Then The White Tiger

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